We claim it’s just a need or habit that’s ingrained,
When we give in to our passions,
Or binge shop the latest fashions.limousine-601462__480
With media pressure, can we really be blamed?

We’re told material possessions show our worth.
New cars, big houses, latest phones,
Best technology in our homes,
We buy to keep up with the Joneses, then feign mirth.

cheerleaders-654359__480We’re taught beauty is what we see on the outside,
Where skinny should be our desire,
And tall men are who we admire,
We seek wrinkle-free skin, and want teeth straight and white.

We’re conditioned to follow societal norms,
Sex with anyone is okay,
“Ev’ryone’s doing it,” they say.
We cuss and take God’s Name in vain, ’cause it conforms.

It’s all about us, living easy and pain-free.
“God doesn’t see or care,” we gripe,
Then we fall for the latest hype,
“I deserve it” and “I’m doing what’s best for me!”

We believe the lie that we’re gods in our own right,fight-2666577__480
Entitled to fleshly pleasure,
Owed our share of worldly treasure,
Shackled to our ego, we’re locked in a cage-fight.

Trapped in a cycle of shallow, selfish action,
We seek out love and approval,
Hoping for judgment removal,
And then wonder why there’s such dissatisfaction.

Are you being led by your own lustful desires?
Do you just want to feel needed?
Are you longing to be heeded?
Or are you driven by what someone else requires?

foodcravings-2842185__480Are you after prestige from the things money buys?
Or is it acceptance you chase?
Does addiction dictate your race?
Does a quest for love or perfect looks draw your eyes?

Checking the boxes, crossing to-dos off a list,
Won’t provide what we’re looking for.
Those false paths leave our spirit poor.
This earth isn’t meant to fulfill our ev’ry wish.

Why do we let this world have such a hold on us?
The more we have, the more we want,
Our lives are wasted on the hunt,
Yet worldly gains are left behind when our time’s up.

Mind games, heart wounds, perversion, neglect, abuses,
Chasing the idols of this age,
The devil keeps us in bondage,
Focusing on ourselves, all tricks Satan uses.

Where’s your mind drift when first waking in the morning?
Note where your time and money goes.
Thoughts and words—what’s in your heart shows.
Those not bound by this world see this as a warning.

Choose eternal rewards over temporary,key-3197584__480
Conformity leaves us empty,
True freedom through Jesus is key,
Despite the world’s programming to the contrary.

Nothing can compare to what Jesus freely gives!
What we’ve been or done, no concern,
His love and grace, we cannot earn.
Only He breaks strongholds, releasing the captives.

Run to Him—with open arms, He waits patiently.
There’s no pressure, we’re free to choose.
It’s a no-brainer, a win-lose.
But our choice destines where we’ll spend eternity.


©️ 2018, Mia Manumit,

30 thoughts on “Prisoners

  1. Thank you!💗 I was surprised (pleasantly 😉) to see a comment from you because this poem was posted last month and I guess I assumed you read it back then. You must be catching up on some reading 😊

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  2. Reblogged this on Light-bites For Your Heart and commented:
    Time to Re:blog:
    Sensational posts written by sensational people.
    Meet Mia.
    Mia is a Texan lass who was born in New Zealand. I met her on my other blog (see Homepage) and she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Now, I am fussy about poetry, not out of arrogance, but because I have a very short attention span and if it doesn’t grab me within the first 3 sentences, my brain is away with the fairies. But even though this poem is quite lengthy, it is so cleverly put together, and so full of loving truth that one just can’t help reading right on till the end. I encourage you to pop onto her site and read some of her other posts too. She is an amazing lady and I count it a privilege to have met her here on WordPress. Enjoy!

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  3. This!! Sums it all up…what everyone in the world is doing…chasing a desire that will not fill much, less satisfy. Only a relationship with Christ can do that.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of thought and heart.

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  4. This is such a great blog post, Mia. I like when you said, “Those false paths leave our spirit poor.
    This earth isn’t meant to fulfill our ev’ry wish.

    Why do we let this world have such a hold on us?”

    I like this quote because what paths are we following that are leading us away from the plan and purpose God has for us? Are we really listening to the lies of the Devil? Why? Because we want satisfaction from the temporary life that this fallen world brings us. It’s a shame but it speaks to our sinful and continuous nature of rebellion against God.

    I agree, Mia when you said, “Choose eternal rewards over temporary,key
    Conformity leaves us empty,
    True freedom through Jesus is key,
    Despite the world’s programming to the contrary.”

    Jesus is the key to the true freedom that we need, not the temporary fix of this world, yet we continue to allow the traps and vices of this world to pull us in and keep us in bondage and then we can’t find a way out. But the good news is that all we have to do is ask Jesus to help release us from our bondage. I agree in the end when you said that our choices determines where we will spend our eternity.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad this poem resonated with you. It’s so easy to be enticed and trapped by this world, but Jesus is faithful to free us if we’ll seek Him.


      1. Hey Mia. It’s me God’s Warrior from the blog Taking Up My Cross.

        Do you mind (with your permission), if I reference this blog post in an upcoming blog post in my Galatians Bible Study Series which focuses on being Heirs to Christ and the Promise of Abraham?

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  5. Wow! I LOVE this so much Mia! I especially love the rhyming style, as it doesn’t conform to the usual boring pattern we all end up doing. You must have had so much passion stirring in you as you wrote this. And it’s clear to see it is endorsed by the Holy Spirit. Thanks so much for sharing x

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    1. Wow, thanks for your kind comments, Sharon!❤️ I did have a lot of passion stirring in me as I wrote this, because the first half of my life I was a prisoner, just like I described. Even since the Lord freed me from that self-imposed prison and showed me the light, I still step back in that cage occasionally, look around, and then ask myself, “What am I doing here?” Then I have to ask the Lord to pull me out again 😔, which He’s always faithful to do. Around me, I see so many people in the same predicament, but the devil’s blinded them to the bars that contain them.

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  6. A really good reminder not to let the enemy’s traps and snares pull us into thinking the way most of the world thinks. “Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.” 1Peter 2:11

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  7. This sis!!!! Excellently written. I’m at work and I am broken by this. As I read the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance areas where I’m getting carried away. Convicting indeed but very needed. I love posts like this. God bless you Sis❤️

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