This blog is for both Christians and non-Christians alike, but it’s not for those believers who’ve grown up in a wonderful Christian home, with loving parents who did everything right. It’s not for those believers who’ve always obeyed their parents and followed all the Christian rules as they were growing up, and have been blessed because of it. It’s not for those who are living the perfect fairy-tale life.

This blog is for those who don’t feel like they belong to that group (or many others for that matter), the outcasts, the forgotten, the neglected, the abused, the misunderstood, the broken, the hurting. It’s also for those who want to better understand and support someone they know as they struggle to heal from the damage caused by the careless actions and/or words of another troubled soul.

This blog is not for those who want to shut out the ugliness of life. It’s not for those who can’t, or don’t want to, understand how anyone can suffer from depression or why someone would want to end their own life. It’s not for those who don’t want to understand the effects abuse and neglect can have on the psyche of an individual. It’s not for the close-minded, those who can’t understand why people act out or do things differently from the way they would do it. And it’s not for people who judge others for what they do without knowing the why behind the action.

This blog is for non-believers who feel like there’s something missing. It’s for those who want to believe there’s more to life than their shallow all-about-me lifestyle. It’s for those who are searching for meaning in their life, wanting to know where they fit into God’s story. It’s for those who want to feel loved, unconditionally, but don’t even know if that’s possible. It’s for those who want to know they’re accepted, despite their past. It’s for those who want to understand and be understood.

This blog is for people who are struggling to grasp how God could love them after all they’ve done and been through, or if He does love them they wonder why He let them go through all that stuff. It’s for those who may know in their head that God loves them unconditionally but they still have to convince their heart from time to time. It’s for those who desperately want to believe what someone may have told them at some point — they are loved by God, just as they are, despite their shortcomings and imperfections.

This blog is for those who are willing to risk taking off their mask every now and then, to risk being real. For those who are glad to find out someone else has been through some of the things they’ve been through, or are going through. For those who are thankful there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not just another train bearing down on them. For those who want things to be different, better, and are willing to learn and change some things to make it happen. For those who are clinging to the hope for better tomorrows.

This blog is also for Christians who have a heart for broken people. Who want to understand them better. Who want to help them pick up the pieces and get to where they feel loved and understood and accepted. For those believers who want all people to know, no matter what they’ve done or what they’ve been through or what’s been done to them, they are worthy and very much loved by God.

It’s for those who want to grow in their walk with God, alongside me, a sinner who once was lost but now is saved by God’s grace through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, once was blinded by the lies of the devil but now strives to live in the light of God’s truth.

Will you join me on this journey of recovery, discovery, and growth? I can’t promise it’s going to be easy (in fact, I’m pretty sure it won’t be), but everything worth having requires some work to attain it. Plus, the devil doesn’t like it when we start putting time and effort into our relationship with the Lord, so you can bet he’ll work harder to make things more difficult. Just know he’s doing that to distract you and pull you back down because few things scare him more than a committed and growing Christian who’s in tune with and obedient to the Lord’s will for their life.

Come, join me. Now is the time. I can guarantee you the path holds great promise.

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